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Flourishing at work and job satisfaction: Does personality matter?

Track: Organizational Behavior & Theory

Keywords: Job satisfaction, personality, big-five, stochastic frontier, flourishing

Employees’ personal, physical, and psychological resources enable them to flourish at work, performing at their best and to be as satisfied with their jobs as they can be. However, the availability of resources alone is not sufficient for employees to reach their job satisfaction potential. The effective utilization of these resources is equally important and necessary. In this study, we break new methodological ground in the analytical job satisfaction space, applying stochastic frontier methods to estimate the maximum job satisfaction that employees can achieve should they utilize their resources effectively. Our findings suggest that many employees fail to reach their potential, reporting job satisfaction scores below those of their peers. We also find that the gap between the actual and potential job satisfaction correlates significantly with personality traits, which supports the view that job satisfaction is largely dispositional in nature. We discuss the implications of these findings for HR practice.


Yannis Georgellis -
University of Kent

Thomas Lange -
Australian Catholic University


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