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Forced-choice Personality Measures and Academic Dishonesty: A Comparative Study

Track: Human Resources Management

Keywords: Big Five personality, academic dishonesty, forced choice

In this study, the role of forced-choice versus single stimulus format of personality assessment in predicting self-reported academic dishonesty was investigated using a sample of 299 undergraduate students in two U.S. universities. Conscientiousness was negatively related to self-reported academic dishonesty regardless of scale format. However, the single stimulus scale scores still remained significant with the forced-choice scale scores in the equation even after controlling for sex and age. Low agreeableness – single stimulus scale format was also a significant predictor of self-reported academic dishonesty, however, high agreeableness – forced choice format was a predictor of self-reported academic dishonesty. Overall, the forced-choice format of the Occupational Personality Questionnaire 32r did not show higher validities than the Single Stimulus IPIP counterpart in predicting self-reported academic dishonesty. Implications for future research and management education were discussed.


Nhung Hendy -
Towson University


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