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A Systematic Literature Review of the Conceptualizations of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Track: Entrepreneurship

Keywords: Entrepreneurial leadership; Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Systematic literature review

As an evolving field of study that interfaces between the domains of entrepreneurship and leadership, entrepreneurial leadership (EL) has drawn the attention of both researchers and practitioners alike. Yet there is an ongoing debate as to whether EL is significantly distinct, viable and valuable for success of organizations. We conduct a systematic literature review to synthesize research in a systematic, transparent and reproducible manner by analyzing 50 studies. Our review highlights the shifting focus of EL approaches from the leader based behavior to an entrepreneurial process oriented approach. We conclude by proposing suggestions for future research that may employ EL as a tool that could potentially amplify organizational performance when used in conjunction with transformational leadership styles and strategic organizational postures.


Sandhya Balasubramanian -
University of Massachusetts Lowell


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