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Effect of Social Network Ties in Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition & moderation effect of SE


Keywords: Social networks, opportunity recognition, self-efficacy, PwD.

Extant literature on network ties in the context of people with disabilities is scant. We believe that the contextual factors for people with disabilities vary significantly possibly due socially constructed stereotypes This paper primarily explores the role of social networks in entrepreneurial opportunity recognition by people with disabilities. Researchers have examined umpteen plausible reasons that seem to affect entrepreneurial activities, in general, and alertness to entrepreneurial opportunities, in particular, by people with disabilities. ‘Social network ties’ are classified as mentors, informal networks, professional forums, and family & friends and their effect on entrepreneurial opportunity recognition. We used ‘mood inducement approach’ to trigger ‘entrepreneurial ideas’ in respondents through 30 different entrepreneurship related images. Data was collected through an online survey on from 19 disability related public forums. The present study found a support for the relationship between informal networks and mentors with opportunity. Interestingly, data reveal counter intuitive insights for family & friends, and professional forums. However, the data supported moderation effect of self-efficacy of PwDs on relationship of mentors, informal networks, professional forums, and family & friends with opportunity recognition. Therefore, the results of moderation effect of self-efficacy are more pronounced in opportunity recognition that has high self-efficacy, than in opportunity recognition with low self-efficacy. The study offers considerable implications for policy makers, academia, and also for PwDs. Finally it concludes with limitations of current study and future directions.


Anita Sharma -
LM Thapar School of Management, Thapar University

Prashant Salwan -
Indian Institute of Management, Indore


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