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Development and design of an online teamwork skills assessment instrument

Track: Management Education & Development

Keywords: assurance of learning, teamwork, simulation

Teamwork skills are becoming increasingly critical for business success, and assurance of learning is becoming increasingly critical for accreditation and reaccreditation. It would therefore seem logical to assess students’ teamwork skills by assigning them to teams. However, there are several advantages to an alternative approach which involves the evaluation of simulated teams. This paper is about our journey towards such a system. We recount our unsuccessful experience using the Rater Calibration Tool of CATME [Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness] and then share our web-based adaptation of it. We conclude with suggestions for future research and an invitation for our colleagues at other universities to use our assessment tool.


Joel Rudin -
Rowan University

Tejinder Billing -
Rowan University

Joanne DeMaria -
Rowan University


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