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Is location a secret ingredient of a University’s efficiency?


Keywords: technology commercialization, agglomeration, data envelopment analysis, and knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship

Universities are increasingly looking for benefiting their research by licensing the technology making it productive. During the process to reap the R&D benefits, every university is becoming more and more entrepreneurial ensuring the best outcome of the production and efforts research. Abundant research has already been conducted understanding the factors impacting university efficiency at university level but this paper examines the efficiency of the universities in light of the eco system & location where the University situation. In this paper we rank all universities using data envelopment analysis (DEA) and later employ regression analysis to examine the university efficiency with respect to the location factors. We observed that the licensing has increased where universities are surrounded with industrial presence or other universities. Given all universities are more entrepreneurial, our research proposes efficiency reasons and factors related to difference of efficiencies in commercialization.


Sastry Pulya -
Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA


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