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Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching with Cases in the Basic Undergraduate Management Course

Track: CASE

Keywords: Teaching, Case Studies, Undergraduates,

Case studies can be an especially rich medium for the basic undergraduate management course. However, there are many challenges to successfully implementing this method with inexperienced undergraduate students in large introductory level courses. This interactive session is focused on exploring the benefits and challenges of teaching with cases to an undergraduate audience. We will present an alternative case-based teaching approach that may work particularly well for this audience. Our goal is to compare and contrast this alternative approach with the “traditional” methods of case-based teaching, not to establish it as better than the “traditional” methods, but as an option particularly for undergraduate classes. Participants will have the opportunity to consider this case method approach and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.


Mike Lewis -
Assumption College

Robin Frkal -
Assumption College


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