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Is Self-employment a Viable Work-family Strategy for Married Women?

Track: Entrepreneurship

Keywords: small business; married women; work interfering with family

This study examined differences between self-employed married women (N=206) who were independently self-employed (ISE) and those whose self-employment involved owning a business with employees (Owners). ISEs were significantly more likely to report higher flexibility in managing work and family, that their schedule met their needs, and higher job satisfaction. Owners reported significantly higher work interfering with family (WIF), work hours, and were more likely to attend to work demands over family demands. Regression analysis revealed differential predictors of WIF for ISEs and Owners. Schedule fit, work hours, and depression were significant for ISEs. Life satisfaction was significant for Owners.


Nicholas Beutell -
Iona College-Hagan School of Business

Marianne O'Hare -
Seton Hall University

Joy Schneer -
Rider University

Jeffrey Alstete -
Iona College-Hagan School of Business


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