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Unpacking Student Digital Technology Reliance to Enhance Pedagogy: Should We Just Ban Cell Phones and Laptops in the Classroom?

Track: Discussion Symposiums / PDWs

Keywords: Digital Technology, Student Cognitive Development, Pedagogy,Teaching and Learning

At the 2014 meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management, the participants engaged the audience in a lively discussion of the potential impact of digital technology (iPhones, laptops/computers, video games) on brain development, student skills, and student learning. With the publication of “Digital Technology and Student Cognitive Development: The Neuroscience of the University Classroom” in the Journal of Management Education (online October 2015), the authors/participants propose a session to revisit this important topic in order to move the discussion forward. We plan to provide a brief overview of the research on digital technology and cognitive development, focusing on a few key challenges for management educators. The bulk of the session will engage fellow attendees in the discussion of how we as management educators might address these challenges in our own classrooms (as a large group or small working groups if number of attendees permits). The session will be designed as a workshop for creative thought and reflection on pedagogy, classroom teaching and student learning. We hope to move beyond the discussion of research on the digitally-wired brain toward the development of concrete ideas for adapting or repurposing current teaching techniques, including technology-based pedagogies, and developing innovative approaches to teaching current and future generations of management students. In the spirit of collaboration, the workshop will provide a forum for sharing ideas and specific teaching techniques that address the learning needs of students weaned on digital technology.


Catherine Giapponi -
Fairfield University

Timothy Golden -
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

J. Michael Cavanaugh -
Fairfield University


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