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Return on Investment or Redesigning our Intellect: What Academia can Learn about ROI from the Health Care Experience

Track: Discussion Symposiums / PDWs


There is a current focus on ROI (Return On Investment) where we emphasize the instrumental (design and delivery) nature of education, health care, and other areas as measured in monetary terms. However, we also assume the risk that a changing technological environment will quickly render the education investment less valuable (e.g., devices with Artificial Intelligence can currently do much of what an anesthesiologist does in an OR). As in health care, the element of cost in Higher Ed is often confounded with economic and social policy about how we pay for things. The other ROI, (Redesigning Our Intellect), means that education will need to prepare us to adapt to a future that is yet to be created or even defined. This requires a process that emphasizes the development of broad intellectual capabilities that may lack specificity but are multivalent and fungible.

This session will engage participants in a fact-finding mission to see what happened in health care and what we can learn from that to understand what is happening in our academic world.


David Fearon -
Central Connecticut State University

Steven Meisel -
La Salle University

Dilip Mirchandani -
Rowan University

Joan Weiner -
Drexel University


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