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Perceptions of Risk and Collaboration within Entrepreneurship Circles: How do educators prepare students for the real challenges of running a business?

Track: Discussion Symposiums / PDWs

Keywords: Risk, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities around the world has been booming in recent decades (Naia, Baptista, Januario & Trigo, 2014). Determining the impact of this education, however, has been difficult to substantiate, yet many believe that offering an entrepreneurship major at the university level will prove beneficial to both the students and the economy in the long-term (O’Connor, 2013). Unfortunately, these benefits are likely to only be attained after a person gains industry experience, maturity, and developed networks (O’Connor, 2013). To counter this problem, Neck and Greene (2011) state that entrepreneurship education must emphasize student action-taking, rather than just sitting in a classroom. These actions might include techniques such as participating in games and simulations, networking, and internships, to name just a few. Through these forms of active participation in the process of entrepreneurial education, students will hopefully be able to develop better instincts in terms of assessing risk and understanding the importance of building a collaborative team of advisors, therefore, accelerating the time needed to begin and enjoy a successful entrepreneurial venture. While entrepreneurship education is multi-faceted, the objective of this workshop will focus on encouraging dialogue on just two areas: risk-assessment and networking. Exposing students to the concept of risk and developing expert advisors through various methodologies both inside and outside the classroom will hopefully give them more confidence, knowledge, and ability to take a chance and start their own venture following graduation.


Crystal Dobratz -
Morgan State University

Shirley Shmerling -
University of Massachusetts

Linda Peters -
University of Massachusetts


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