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A Social Network Approach toward Entrepreneurial Crowdfunding

Track: Entrepreneurship

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Crowdfunding, Social Network

Social network plays a key role in entrepreneurial crowdfunding, which has recently emerged as a novel source of capital for entrepreneurs. Based on literature review, this paper puts forward several propositions about the social ties in the setting of entrepreneurial crowdfunding. Social ties associate positively with the success of entrepreneurial crowdfunding campaign; the strong ties are positively related to the early success of pitch, which in turn triggers the success of campaign; the weak ties are positively related to the success of campaign accordingly; and the feedback mediates the positive relationship between the social ties and success of campaign. After studying several cases, the limitations, implications and further research directions have been discussed finally.


Shuyi Zhang -
Shanghai Finance University

Jinpei Wu -
SUNY Oswego


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