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In the Moment: The Effect of Mindfulness on Emotional Labor Approaches and Performance


Keywords: Mindfulness, OCB, WDB, Emotional labor, Justice

Mindfulness is an “in-the-moment” manner of paying attention and responding to experiences occurring in the present moment without forming a judgment as to the nature of the experience (Baer et al., 2006). This study proposes that a person’s level of trait mindfulness is predictive of the emotional labor approach adopted by the person. We further propose that these different emotional labor approaches impact employee performance along the dimensions of organizational citizenship and workplace deviance behaviors, and that the employee’s organizational justice perceptions moderate this relationship. We outline the theoretical arguments that underlie these model and propose an initial exploratory field study to empirically examine these relationships. Our study contributes to the literature on mindfulness and emotional labor, and also expands the scope of emotional labor research by examining under-researched outcomes different emotional labor approaches.


Ravi Ramani -
The George Washington University


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