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HR Strength as a Mediator or a Moderator in the Relationship between HR Practices and Organizational Innovation? The Romanian Study

Track: Human Resources Management

Keywords: HR practices, HR strength, organizational innovation, Romanian culture

There is accumulated evidence in the literature about the importance of Human resource management (HRM) to innovation performance outcomes. However, there are still difficulties to pronounce what is the process in which HR practices lead to these outcomes. In this study we focus on HR Strength as a major variable in that process. More precisely, we research whether HR Strength is a mediator or a moderator in the relationship between four High commitment HR practices and organizational innovation. A sample of 323 Romanian managers was administrated. Our findings using Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM) indicate that HR strength has a double role as a moderator (Training only) and full mediator (Training and education only) in the relationship between HR practices and organizational innovation. The paper reviews the theoretical consequences and suggests ideas for future research.


Edna Rabenu -
Netanya Academic College

Aharon Tziner -
Netanya Academic College

Gil Sharoni -
Netanya Academic College

Cristinel Vasiliu -
Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Mihai Felea -
Bucharest University of Economic Studies


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