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Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a catalyst for social entrepreneurship and innovation in for-profit organizations?

Track: Ethics, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, CSR, social innovation, SI, social entrepreneurship, SE, for-profit organizations

The purpose of this study was to determine if corporate social responsibilities (CSR) practices can enhance the development of the social initiatives such as social entrepreneurship (SE) and social innovation (SI) in for-profit organizations. Current literature indicated that the CSR approaches were highly dispersed and sporadic in the corporations. There was a void of the integrated approach to manage CSR and social initiatives as a part of an overall business strategy in organizations. To address this gap, this research proposed a strategic social cause CSR framework that can enable researchers, practitioners and policy makers to enhance the development of the cohesive, proactive and intentional CSR programs to facilitate social cause initiatives by the corporations. This study used the rapid evidence assessment to select the literature sample, and thematic analysis method to synthesize the findings and answer the research question. The key word search utilized an academic search engine, which examined 47 online databases, was executed to collect the evidence for the study. This study’s findings indicate that the use of strategic CSR can enhance SE and SI initiatives for the corporations. Additionally, organizations should align their CSR with the overall business strategy, identify the social cause related to the core business competencies, develop alliances with multiple partners, formulate integrated CSR programs and establish SE or SI initiatives.


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