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FOMO: The angst of the “Fear of Missing Out” in the classroom

Track: Discussion Symposiums / PDWs

Keywords: Social Media, FOMO, Teaching

The world of social media has led to constant, mass communication at your fingertips, which now leads to the Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO (Oxford Dictionary, 2013) regarding some important event or some important information. This new worry keeps social media users constantly checking and rechecking their contacts. This behavior transfers into our classes as students with high FOMO can be caught checking their devices. Following presentation of some preliminary data on FOMO, this symposium will open the discussion with the audience to brainstorm strategies and actions that can diminish students’ FOMO to improve students’ learning.


Theodore Peters -
Hartwick College

Pauline Stamp -
Hartwick College

Immocolata DeVivo -
Hartwick College


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