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An Interactive Approach to Teaching the Basics of Negotiation in One Class

Track: Experiential Learning Association (ELA)

Keywords: negotiation, walkaway, distributive vs integrative,first offer, reciprocity

This interactive case was developed for situations where only one or a few sessions could be devoted to teaching negotiations…graduate or undergraduate. This exercise can be used as a “stand-alone” class or in an organizational behavior (or related) class in which only one or two classes can be devoted to the topic of negotiations. The case involves a complex two party negotiation which puts the student in the role of the negotiator; there are multiple decision points, each of which involves students responding with specific decisions. Students come out of the exercise with a basic understanding of the basics of Negotiation including planning, who should make a first offer, how to determine goals, targets, and walkaways, ZOPA, reciprocity, anchoring, and distributive vs. integrative negotiations.


Ed Wertheim -
Northeastern University


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