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May 4-7, 2016, New Haven, CT
Omni New Haven

Submission Deadline: January 18, 2016

Program Chair: Sheila Webber, Suffolk University (
Conference Management: Brandon Charpied, (

Program Theme: Collaborating with others to achieve collective goals is necessary as work environments are increasingly complex and fluctuating. Traditional models and theories of management are in some cases outdated and lack relevance for collaborative work environments. How are organizations changing to facilitate collaboration? What are the implications of collaboration for effective teaming? How does collaboration challenge traditional leadership practices? What educational models encourage collaborative skill building? How is collaboration changing business models? We encourage papers and symposia to address these and other implications of collaboration for today’s organizations, their leaders, teams and external stakeholders. We particularly invite papers and symposia that propose or discuss new theoretical or conceptual models that might provide greater insights into the complexities and challenges of collaboration at work.

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